Ape Tools - Image Gorilla

Tired of creating all your icons and splashscreen sizes manually? You've come to the right place.

Upload your Icons and/or Splashscreen and we'll do all the hard work to create the sizes you need for each platform:

Upload Your Icon

Please select a Icon image in PNG format (transparency allowed) measuring 1024x1024 pixels:


Upload Your Splashscreen

Please select a Splashscreen image in PNG format (no transparency) measuring 2048x2048 pixels with the important stuff centred, we'll then crop and resize from the centre outwards:



Icons: 18

Splashscreens: 16


Icons: 7

Splashscreens: 14

Windows Phone

Icons: 20

Splashscreens: 1

Windows Store

Icons: 15

Splashscreens: 3


Icons: 2

Splashscreens: 0

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