iOS Tips

Using the Generate Icons and Splashscreen bundles

Got a new project you want to import the generate icons and splashscreens? To get started paste the icons and splash folders into the Resources folder of your project. Files names are case sensitive which can cause issues if you have existing icons (form Cordova project etc). Then under the Info tab of your project you can change the CFBundleIcons setting to specify the icons you have. You can also use the General tab in your XCode project to specify the app icons and splashscreens.

If you find that the supplied zip file does not extract into folders properly the workaround is to use The Unarchiver which will extract the zip file properly.


When validating my app I get "Invalid Resource Path" for my Icons or Splashscreens

Resource paths are case sensitive, you might find that the file it's looking for is uppercase in Finder and lowercase in XCode (or vice-versa). You can remove invalid resource names in the Info tab of your project, under the CFBundleIcons~ key, if you look closely one or more of the items will be mispelled or the wrong case.


My Distribution Certificate has expired and I can't get as far as Validating my app

Open up Keychain and refresh your iOS Distribution Certificate

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